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The successful business of today understands that their choices in technology, marketing agility and customer service infrastructure will impact their bottom line.

Get results with the right framework infrastructure with our core factors of performance:
People, solutions, processes and technologies to solve your needs efficiently and effectively.

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Contact Center

Up to date Inbound & Outbound Solutions

✓ Product orders
✓ Inbound sales
✓ Outbound sales
✓ Live chat assitance services
✓ Customer assistance
✓ Technical assistance
✓ Appointment setting
✓ Robocalls
✓ Credit and billing solutions
✓ Fundraising for charities
✓ Training Support
✓ BPO & BPM (Business process outsourcing & management)


Get the right Online Marketing Mix

✓ Web & mobile applications
✓ Digital Strategy & Consulting Services
✓ Lead generation & Listings for the USA & PR
✓ Market research - Surveys (Voice & Digital)
✓ Marketing campaigns in multiple media channels
✓ Integrated e-mail campaigns
✓ Integrated SMS - Text messaging campaigns
✓ E-commerce integration
✓ High-converting landing pages
✓ Large web projects
✓ Integrated social media campaigns

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Ready to optimize your Sales Funnel and Customer Engagement?

Most of our clients agree that true north is growth. If you think about it, almost every thriving organization focus on the acquisition of new prospects, leading by a strong development team with great costumer service support and a growth strategy. Our goal is to help you focus on acquisition, gain, retention, revenue and repeating business.'

You're in good hands connecting the streams of communications.

Let's talk about the basics. We've extended our efforts beyond a particular technology or focus strategy. Every client has a different set of needs and wants, recognizing the importance of being accountable to them is an important milestone. We're offering reports and real-time evaluation tools that will keep you at the top of things.


Deep Business Intelligence.

Get feedback from each stage of your campaign.


24/7/365 Service Availability.

If you are looking for a Contact Center, you have found the right level of experience and empowerment for the clients at all levels.


Faster Response Times.

The convergence of technology and world-class training.


Customer Engagement Solutions for your Customers Journey.

Multiple marketing touchpoints.

Outreach and support.

Multi-channel context.

Buying process simplified.

Direct support channels.

Communities integration and advocacy.

Pad and pencil

Multiple touchpoints are in play to each stage of the customer's journey.

A moment of truth

Every customer lives into their very own ecosystem of products and services that satisfies their needs and desires at a particular time. Customers for quite some time have been interacting with their peers and sharing brand's experiences across many different channels. All of that is an undeniable fact for the mainstream market, but also for the Hispanic Market in the USA and Latin America.
The customer has the freedom of multiple options, offering to the brands the opportunity of learning about their interests, and also, the unique chance of participating in a valuable dialog.

The always evolving cycle depends very much on the flexibility and presence of a brand in the customer's journey through their chosen media channels. Brands have to reach directly to their customers at the moment they chose to do so, connecting with their hearts and minds engaging in a dialog.
We are part of a leading pack of Contact Centers transforming the XXI century into the integrated transitional universe of customer service solutions for the most popular direct contact channels.